Wednesday storms hit Anamosa neighborhoods

A large tree down in front of a home on High Street was one of the more striking instances of storm damage after Wednesday's storms in Eastern Iowa.

The storm system that made its way through Eastern Iowa on Wednesday left plenty of homeowners in Anamosa dealing with downed trees and branches.

Jaysen Franks had a massive tree in front of his High Street home fall across his front lawn - missing his house and neighbors, but leaving a major mess to clean up.

"We were watching the clouds roll in and they were dark as all get out," Franks said. "Then the wind come up and everything started blowing. Then we heard a crack and the big tree limb fell. Tree parts were going everywhere."

Another home near the corner of West Main Street and Aldeman Street had a tree laying on top of its roof and going into the garage. No one appeared to be home at the time.

Dean Eilers and his family had just purchased a home at the corner of Aldeman Street and Crane Street three weeks ago. A tree in front of that home fell across power lines - but left the home unscathed.

"Supposed to close June 30, so we'll see what happens," Eilers said. "I'm sure it's just a matter of clean-up."

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