Tow To Go Provides Safe Trip Home on Saint Patrick's Day

Tow To Go begins in Iowa to curb drunk driving

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (CBS2/FOX28) – Saint Patrick’s Day revelers in the corridor have one more option for getting home safely this year following an entire day of adult green beverages. AAA of Iowa and Budweiser are teaming up for the Tow To Go program. Gail Weinholzer with AAA says It’s designed to be a last resort for those who should not be on the roads, “ We provide free tow service for anyone too impaired to drive and needs to get not only themselves but their vehicle home safely.” This is the first year for Tow To Go in Iowa. It kicked off on Superbowl Sunday. Weinholzer says anyone, AAA members or not, can call (855) 2-TOW-2-GO. A tow truck will pick up the caller and their vehicle and take them both home or somewhere safe within a ten mile radius. The offer runs from early Friday morning of Saint Patrick’s Day through early Sunday morning. Weinholzer says it’s hoped most of those celebrating will already have a plan in place for a designated driver or a taxi, Uber or Lyft home, but she says sometimes things happen and plans change or a DD begins drinking. She says in other states where the program has been offered, Tow To Go has kept more than 24,000 impaired drivers from being arrested and more importantly from injuring themselves or others in deadly crashes, “ And we know anywhere from a quarter to a third of those crashes are due to impaired drivers, so anything and everything we can do to get impaired drivers off the road and get them home safely is definitely something we’re interested in doing.” Tow To Go may not operate in some rural areas of Iowa and the wait depends on the availability of tow trucks. It will be available for 9 different holidays and days of celebration throughout the year.

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