Three pastors seek unity through faith on Easter

The Color of Easter was hosted at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotels in downtown Cedar Rapids on Sunday.

Even with cliches discouraging judging a book by its cover, seeing beneath the surface can be difficult for some.

Three local pastors are joining together to build a bridge spanning racial divisions, and their efforts reached a pivotal point on Easter Sunday.

Rod Dooley, Ajai Prakash and Daniel Winn are pastors by profession -- senior pastor at Oakhill Jackson Community Church, senior pastor at The Well of Iowa, and lead pastor at Cedar Rapids Family Church respectively.

Their religious dedication has led to friendship for the three, which culminated at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel in downtown Cedar Rapids with an event called The Color of Easter.

"There's one color that we have in common," said Dooley, "and that's the color red. Our blood. We all bleed red."

With the current social and political climate, all three pastors said Easter is an important time to seek unity through faith.

"When His blood flows, it covers all our sin," said Prakash. "It covers the darkest sin and turns that into white as snow."

The event's theme -- one color binds us all -- could be heard in sentiment.

The grand ballroom was a gathering place for diversity, with members of various racial and ethnic backgrounds singing, smiling, and crying.

Winn said Easter is a momentous occasion for Christians, adding he plans to work with Dooley and Prakash going forward to continue strengthening Christianity in Eastern Iowa.

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