Students learn from C.R. bridge project

Civil engineer Rob Davis shows a bridge design to Students at Prairie Creek Intermediate School. (Photo: Joe Huisinga, CBS2/FOX28.)

Today about 100 Cedar Rapids students met with an engineer from the city to learn about the 8th Avenue Bridge and possibilities for its replacement.

STEM students at Prairie Creek Intermediate School are studying the application of engineering in the real world as part of National Engineers Week.

Cedar Rapids Flood Control Program Manager, Rob Davis, with decades of experience as a civil engineer, speaks with the student about the challenges of raising and rebuilding the aging bridge.

Students also worked with Davis in their classrooms, getting some help designing their own small-scale bridges.

“They are really into this 8th Avenue Bridge replacement project,” says Davis. “They actually have some ideas on the types of bridges or maybe the amenities that we put next to the bridge. It's really amazing enthusiasm and they're going to be the people who are going to live with this so I think that’s just fantastic that they're really engaged even before it's built.”

When student's bridges are complete they will be tested on the obvious qualities like strength but they also have to keep their classroom construction on budget.

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