Anamosa residents clean up after Wednesday night's storm

City crews clear away trees after storm

Aleya Studt was surprised when she could not leave her home Thursday morning.

"You couldn't even go out the front door. The tree was blocking the front door and the windows."

A large tree fell in front of her home and blocked her family inside.

"The tree over here had come down behind and it just covered the whole driveway. The whole porch. The whole front of the house,” said Studt.

"We had to come out of the side door and when we did you couldn't come down the driveway. Yeah it was just a mess.”

After Wednesday night's storm workers from the city cleared away trees in the morning. City leaders said power went out for a short time last night but power was quickly restored.

Studt had one focus for the day. "We're going to get this cleaned."

Representatives from the City said residents can discard trees at the tree and brush dumpster located across the street from the Raiders Softball field in town.

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