Residents in Prairieburg clean up after tornado

Residents clean up after tornado

Residents in Prairieburg are picking up the pieces after a tornado ripped through their small town on Wednesday evening.

"That grain bin belongs down there and what's really eerie about it; and this is one of the most significant things is there's not a scratch on the road. There's not a dent in the ground," said Council Member Tom Kluesner.

Kluesner captured video of the tornado forming with his cell phone.

"I went in the basement with my wife and kids for two, three minutes or four minutes maybe and I thought maybe it just missed us. So I came outside and that's when it was hitting the farm just South of town."

The council member said the tornado was fast and silent.

"[I] huddled down in the basement with my kids and said a few prayers. I don't say prayers very often but I did say a few prayers."

Luckily his home was spared, but some businesses like Nagel Grain Inc. was completely destroyed.

"It was worse last night coming up and seeing it, you know? Got to sleep on it with the little bit of sleep we got," said Negal Grain Inc. Operations Director Darren Paustian.

Paustian has been through this before. He says he had to rebuild his business 10 years ago after a down draft destroyed his business.

"It's been a family business for many moons. We'll probably rebuild but it's too early to tell right now. Until a few of us sit down and figure out what we're going to do."

The Linn County Sheriff Office tells CBS 2 and FOX 28 News that it will take weeks or even months to completely clean up the small town.

The Red Cross is set up at the fire house in town.

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