Park Cedar Rapids forgives parking citations through blood drive

Park Cedar Rapids forgives parking citations in exchange for blood donations

Park Cedar Rapids is hosting a Citation Forgiveness Blood Drive this week.

The department is hosting the blood drive because there is a shortage in blood donation. This is the second year the department is hosting the drive.

After people donate blood, they can walk into the Park Cedar Rapids offices with their citations on 4th Avenue and have them forgiven. They will forgive up to $25 in parking citations.

The department's goal is to help people settle violations and those in need.

"We want to show a strong community connection and this is just how we're you know using parking resources and you know somewhat of a you know...Negative kind've perception of parking to turn it into something positive," said Park Cedar Rapids General Manager Jon Rouse.

The Mississippi Valley Regional van will be parked along 4th Avenue this Thursday for people to donate. Rouse said people without citations are also welcome to donate blood.

People must sign up before they donate blood. You can fill out the application at

They will host a second blood drive on August 17th.

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