Local expert discusses how violence on social media impacts users

Local psychologist explains how violence impacts social media users

Everyday people log onto social media to chat with friends, post pictures, and send messages but that's not all people are sharing.

Experts say more people are sharing both minor and major crimes on social media.

The latest high profile case happened on Easter Sunday in East Cleveland. Where police said Steve Stephens, 37, randomly walked up to 74 -year-old Robert Godwin and shot him.

Stephens recorded the whole encounter onto his Facebook page.

CBS 2/ FOX 28 News reached out to Mercy Medical Center Psychologist Dr. Scott Eilers. Although he cannot speak specifically speak to this case he explained how viewers are affected after witnessing such violence on social media.

"It's just the development of new technology that makes us more exposed to it than we have been but that doesn't mean we're less safe and it doesn't mean frequency of these behaviors are increasing," said Eilers.

"So the best thing that you can do is to live your life normally, know the odds that you would be directly impacted by something like this are very very low as they always have been."

Stephens led authorities on a three-day chase before fatally shooting himself during a pursuit with officers in Philadelphia.

Facebook has removed the video from their website and denounced the horrific crime. The social media giant has also asked users to report violent and distributing content.

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