Linn-Mar "will try again" on bond

The Linn-Mar Community School District is looking at its options after a bond fail to pass. (CBS2/FOX28)

Parents and supporters of the Linn-Mar Community School District are now trying to figure out what's next after an $80-million bond measure failed to get the approval it needed.

The referendum failed to get the minimum of 60% with only 53%.

Bond supporter Kara Larson says it hit her hard.

“We always said when it passes not if it passes because we all thought it would so it was a lot of disappointment,” says Kara Larson was active in the vote yes campaign and has several children in the District.

Thousands of no voters don't see the potential return on their tax investment.

“It seems like a pretty big commitment to make for everyone, people who don't even have children going to Linn-Mar to make that kind of financial commitment,” says Kari Horak. who voted against the bond.

The bond was a commitment Superintendent Dr. Quintin Shepherd says he was counting on.

"Make no mistake, we will try again and I personally ask each of you to contact me with any ideas you have," says Shepherd in a video posted to the District’s Facebook page.

Rebecca Louison, who also has kids in the Linn-Mar system feels the district is a big draw to the community benefiting property values.

“I moved to Marion Iowa specifically to be part of Linn-Mar,” she says.

Now the District and those supporting the bond have some thinking to do.

“Some people have suggested lowering the bond readdressing some of that. I personally don’t see a way for us to address the concerns that we have going with a lower bond,” says Louison.

The concerns include growth, safety, security, and efficiency issues in the schools.

Now supporters hope to see the bond back on the ballot as soon as possible but they must wait at least 6 months before the issue can be raised again.

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