Law enforcement agencies make plea to Mount Mercy University students

Law enforcement agencies make their plea to new applicants at Mount Mercy University.

Law enforcement is not the most attractive profession right now.

This year alone, 117 officers have been killed in the line of duty, five of those deaths in Iowa, which made Monday's Mount Mercy University meeting even more relevant.

Eight law enforcement agencies made their plea that the profession isn't solely based on what people post on social media.

Dozens of students took notes as the agencies recapped what qualifications they're looking for and how each student can get involved.

Richard Gonzalez is a senior at Mount Mercy and said he's already started applying to be in the force.

"Currently I do see a lot of issues that are happening today with law enforcement, but honestly I feel like a lot of those issues are just put under a microscope and I feel like if you think about it, there's a lot more crime that's happening today than issues with police," Gonzalez said.

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