Lake Delhi residents prep for post-breach comeback

Lake Delhi is set to experience its first full summer of visitors since the dam breach in July 2010.

Coy Roussell has lived much of his life next to Lake Delhi - and that lake has sat empty for much of the past seven years.

Flooding in 2010 caused the Delhi Dam to breach, draining the lake for the better part of the decade.

"It sucked," Roussell said Friday afternoon. You couldn't go out and do anything. It was boring."

"We went down to the (Coralville) Reservoir and out to the Mississippi, but you didn't get out there as often because you got stuff going on."

But water started making its way back into the lake last year - thanks to the new state-of-the-art, award-winning dam - and the next few months are set to be the first full-go summer for Lake Delhi since 2010.

"These first couple weeks will be pretty nuts," Roussell said. "I've had a bunch of buddies wanting to already come out and go skiing and stuff."

This weekend's forecast of clear skies and temperatures approaching 80 makes the next couple of days an unofficial "Welcome Back" for the lake.

One Linn County couple that own a house on the lake got their boat out onto water of any kind for the first time since the dam breach.

"We had our boat - we put it in storage for the whole while," another neighbor said. She adds that the chaos and rowdiness of visitors returning to the lake will be music to the community's ears.

"It gets pretty busy - which is so fun to see finally."

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