Jurors hear first day of testimony in double-homicide trial

Kendu Petties stands trial for the shooting deaths of Quintrell Perkins and Sierrah Simmons.

During opening statements on Thursday afternoon, the state recapped what they believed happened the night Quintrell Perkins and Sierrah Simmons were shot to death.

Assistant Linn County Attorney Monica Slaughter said the two were babysitting a 14-year-old when Kendu Petties fired 11 shots into the Fourth Avenue home.

Perkins was shot in the chest and Simmons was hit in the head, but they said they weren't the intended targets.

Slaughter told the jurors that Petties was aiming to kill two other men, Ken Fonville and Joseph Perkins, who he had problems with in the past.

On the other hand, defense attorney Sara Smith said the evidence would point to the man who actually pulled the trigger, Bruce Williams.

Smith told jurors Williams was the real suspect, but he lied to police in hopes of pinning the murders on Petties.

She also pointed to Devonte Barnes, who allegedly recorded a confession from Petties and turned it in to law enforcement for the "sweetest deal possible."

Williams was the first to take the stand and he adamantly denied knowing the two victims and said he would have no reason to hurt them.

"I literally know nothing about these people, I have no lead to even go to they house like no reason to be in their area, for me to just go kill two random people wouldn't add up," Williams said.

He testified that he was upset because Fonville and Joseph Perkins assaulted him weeks prior to the incident, but he didn't have it in him to kill anyone.

Petties was arrested in Arizona more than a year after the shooting and charged with two first-degree murder charges and Conspiracy to Commit a Forcible Felony.

Testimony in his trial continues Friday morning.

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