Iowa In Focus: Iowa Youth Caucus

CEDAR RAPIDS, IA (CBS2/FOX28) -- In a High School Cafeteria, it's not surprising to see the usual staple of a high schooler's diet.

On the menu: food for thought.

"I'm a big fan of gun control, affordable college is a big one for me because I'm a high school student," said Mason Zastrow, who threw his support behind Bernie Sanders.

"I can't really vote and I can't caucus in the actual caucus so I come here and do what I can," said an O'Malley supporter.

The Linn County Mock Youth Caucus taught almost 100 students how the Iowa Caucuses can be like a game of Red Rover, and how Democrats and Republicans each handle the process come February 1st.

Republican Candidate Ben Carson and Democrat Bernie Sanders were the evenings' favorites.

"Bernie is a great candidate, Martin O'Malley is a great candidate as well, but with the fact that he's literally polling within the margin of error, I can't support him," said Mason.

"The platform starts right here in our neighborhoods and it goes from the caucus to the County Convention to the District Convention to the State Convention and ultimately can be considered for the National Convention," said Volunteer Kim Reem.

For this generation of young minds, staying prideful for what's first in the nation starts in a place with pizza and politics.

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