Indian Creek Nature Center benefits from land sale

Outlined in green is an 8-acre plot near Highway 100 and 1st Ave. the land was sold Wednesday by the Indian Creek Nature Center.

On Monday the Indian Creek Nature Center finalized a land sale that will help secure it’s future.

The 8-acre plot near Highway 100 and 1st Avenue was purchased for $1 million by Ryan companies.

The land that was sold was part of a 35-acre donation to the ICNC by Carleen Grandon.

The property was given so that it could be sold and the proceeds could go to benefit the Nature Center.

“Her goal was to invest in the future of the nature center and the sale of 8 acres to Ryan Companies allows us to do that while also protecting the majority of the land from future development,” say John Myers, ICNC Executive Director.

Money from the sale will be used three ways; $700,000 will go into an endowment fund, $100,000 will go to the center cash reserves and $200,000 will go to the construction of a new Land Protection Workshop.

The area will be used to store equipment as well as teach a variety of conservation classes.

“The more that we can do to teach people how to plant prairie, how to go out and manage their own backyards, how to do gardening how to trim their trees, the better off everybody will be at becoming their own champions of nature,” Says Myers.

The 27 remaining acres do not connect to the main ICNS property but they have decided that the rest of the land is better to preserve to the residents that already live on it.

“Preserving that strip will make sure that the trees stay in place, it also makes sure that all the bats and birds and wildlife that live in that area have a place to always be protected,” says Myers

an extensive review of the land determined that the 27 protected acres held the highest ecological value.

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