Healthcare concerns

People rally outside the Federal Courthouse in Cedar Rapids to protest a proposed replacement for the Affordable Care Act. (Photo: Joe Huisinga CBS2/FOX28)

A proposed replacement for Obama Care has some in the Corridor worried.

More than two dozen people braved the cold outside the federal courthouse in Cedar Rapids on Tuesday.

Their biggest concern is the 14 million people expected to lose health insurance in the next year if the bill is passed.

That projection comes from a report by the Congressional Budget Office.

Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, says the decline in coverage comes from removing the individual coverage mandate.

Valerie Smith, who attended the Cedar Rapids rally says she and many others would lose their coverage because of cost not choice.

“I usually make between $20,000 and $24,000 a year, this new plan would make me pay $5,000 a year more in health coverage, that would be up to 20-25% of my annual salary,” says Smith “I cannot afford that, I would again be uninsured.”

Smith adds that the Affordable Care Act does have its problems but repealing it entirely is not the answer.

People at the rally also tried to make their voices heard in Washington; several people went inside the federal building to speak with local staffers for Senators Charles Grassley and Joni Ernst.

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