Hawk fans get the chance to watch post-season basketball, right in their backyard


Ask any fan base or athletic department and they would tell you, if they could, they would win an NCAA Championship every season. Sometimes life doesn’t go as planned.

Neither the men’s nor women’s teams were invited to the NCAA Tournament this season for basketball, but they Hawkeyes have found themselves in a rare situation beneficial for players and fans.

With the men in the National Invitation Tournament (NIT) and the women in the Women's National Invitation Tournament (WNIT), both have a chance to play post-season games on their home court.

Each team has hosted games and ticket sales have been impressive. The average attendance in a men’s NIT game has been around 5,000 people. On Wednesday the Hawkeye men had over 11,000 in attendance.

Carver Hawkeye Arena is nearing capacity once again for their game on Sunday.

Even though it’s not "plan A” to be playing in the NIT, this year for Hawkeye fans, it’s a very beneficial “plan B.”

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