Former U.S. Attorney Proud of Crime Fighting Teamwork in Corridor

Former U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Iowa Kevin Techau in his new law offices at Scheldrup Blades

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (CBS2/FOX28) - Everyone in local and county law enforcement knew his mantra, “ We work best when we work together.” U.S. Attorney Kevin Techau was the consummate team player when it came to working with officers to keep corridor residents safe. The lead prosecutor for the Northern Iowa District and Iowa City native was among those asked to resign after President Donald Trump took office. Techau says his departure came sooner than he anticipated, but it’s given him the opportunity to look back on some very positive results, “ Serving as U.S. Attorney was a tremendous opportunity, I got to work with some smart people who worked hard and had an opportunity to make I believe a huge impact.” Cedar Rapids Police Chief Wayne Jerman could not agree more. Techau arrived at the height of a wave of gun violence in Cedar Rapids and immediately contacted Jerman to offer his help. He was able to focus on those responsible and under federal laws impose tough penalties and send a message to others. Chief Jerman says Techau was also instrumental in stepping up the fight against the opioid crisis which had already begun in other states, “ He really had great vision, he saw it long before it rose to the level of a serious heroin and opioid issue. He deserves the credit for it. “ Techau is now entering a new phase of his career as he settles in to be the newest attorney at Scheldrup Blades law firm with offices throughout the Midwest. He says he’ll still be helping corridor residents and even representing police officers and firefighters on occasion. Techau says as he leaves the U.S. Attorney’s office behind he could offer two suggestions to Iowa lawmakers. He says bank fraud and identity theft are not going away and more can be done to stop the scams. Also, he warns heroin and opioids are still trying to take hold in Iowa. Techau says some states including West Virginia and Ohio are losing thousands of people to this killer and Iowa needs to address prosecution, prevention and treatment in a very vigorous way or it could still face the same consequences .

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