EXCLUSIVE: Local Business Gives Away Car

CEDAR RAPIDS, IA (CBS2/FOX28) - "Jim I'm so happy, thank you so much!"

When Rita Robinson showed up to our station, she already knew why she was here.

She'd seen the story we ran last Friday about Anderson Automotive giving away a car once again for its Wheels to Prosper program. In fact, she even started thinking about who she could nominate.

Jim begins, though, by telling her, "So this year, I got four letters on your behalf."

But this group that's here - only a small group of her friends, by the way - they sent multiple nominations in for her.

Her friend Gwen, just one of the nominators, tells us, "Rita just became so active in her community, through the church, through the NAACP."

She volunteers more places in our community, than we could list.

Despite a tough year, her car dying, medical problems, she kept going.

"And that's the type of person that we wanted," Jim says.

"She's just a good, good person. She'll do anything for you, despite some of the health issues she's been having," Gwen adds.

"The reason we ask for nominations," Jim tells Rita, "Is because of people like you. You would never nominate yourself, and that's how we find the deserving person, so there's a surprise around the corner, you want to go see it?"

And with that, we all followed along, as the lady who has spent a lifetime paying it forward, watched it all come full circle.

"My heart just feels like it's going to explode," Gwen says. "She's been through some difficult times, and to see this blessing happen to her, I feel like it happened to me!"

Another nominator, Ruby Boswell adds, "There are just no wordsto see her getting acknowledged for some of the things that she's done"

"This year I think we found, probably the best candidate I think we've ever had," Jim says.

"This has been a wonderful experience," says Rita, "You know I'm on the Wellington Heights board, and everybody is just so up and arms about black and white and 'there's no good people in the world. Everything's going to pot. Nothing's good.' But there's good stuff happening every day. You just have to believe."

Rita says, today was the best Friday she's ever had.

We do believe her. And we believe, this will only drive her, to do even more.

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