Decorah eagles get ready for spring

The Decorah eagles prepare their nest for eggs. (Photo Courtesy Raptor Resource Project.)

Iowa's most famous eagles are getting ready for another season in the lime light.

The Decorah eagles have become world famous for the 24/7 live web stream of their nest.

"We're seeing the intimate lives that happen with these eagles and their offspring and the challenges that they go through." says John Howe, Executive Director of the Raptor Resource Project.

Something about watching these eagle makes it hard for many to look away.

" This really is reality TV at its best," says Howe.

It didn't take long before the world on the web wanted to see them in real life.

"I actually got started on the Eagles in 2011 by the live cam," says eagle watcher, Sue Bruhling. "I got hooked right away and I just knew I had to come to Decorah so I've been coming ever since."

Now she and her husband frequently travel from Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin to see and photograph the eagles.

Part of their draw may be their convenient location near the Decorah Fish Hatchery.

"The hatchery area and the nest area is a magical place," says Bruhling. "It draws people from all over the United States and the world."

Now traffic is picking up online and on site as the eagles prepare for spring.

"They are digging out a nest cup and bringing soft grasses and other materials up to build that nest and get ready for egg laying," says Howe.

Last year the first egg was laid February 18th.

"We're getting very close to that so this weekend could be first egg being laid here in Decorah," says Howe.

After the eggs are laid they will take about a month to hatch.

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