'Crazy Delicious' singer opens up about her double mastectomy choice

'Crazy Delicious' lead singer Jennifer Lowe Devereux, says she is stepping away from professional singing to put her family and health first.

Right now the popular corridor band 'Crazy Delicious' is preparing to go on without their lead singer.

But this has nothing to do with creative differences.

After two and a half years as ‘Crazy Delicious’ leading lady, Jennifer Lowe Devereux’s putting her personal health and family ahead of her love for music.

She’s decided to beat breast cancer before it has a chance to beat her.

She’s decided to undergo a double mastectomy in December.

“As a woman it’s a really tough decision to make,” says Lowe Devereux. “It took me months to even be able to talk about it.”

About six months ago, Lowe Devereux found out she carries the BRCA gene mutation, putting her at high risk for several cancers.

She’s already been diagnosed with skin cancer.

She’s had a portion of her skin removed and she applies a chemo cream daily.

So when it comes to breast cancer, she's not taking the chance.

“I have daughters and it's important for me to make them feel like this is something we can protect ourselves from and we don't have to wait to get it,” says Lowe Devereux.

Her 12 year old daughter, Sophie, already knows what it's like to fight cancer.

At three, she was diagnosed with leukemia.

After two and a half years of chemo, she won the fight.

“She said, ‘you have to have the surgery, Mom, because I don't want you to have to go through what I went through,” recalls Lowe Devereux.

Sophie says, “From what I remember, the treatment wasn't the hard part. It's what it did to my family. That was the hardest part.”

Over the next year, Lowe Devereux will have at least four surgeries: the double mastectomy, two or three breast reconstructions, and ovary and fallopian tube removal.

All this, is too much to juggle with the ‘Crazy Delicious,’ so she's stepping off stage.

“When she let us know, it was a big shock and we were very sad,” says Larry Kovarik, lead guitarist for ‘Crazy Delicious,’

But, even though she’s leaving the band, Lowe Devereux’s big voice won’t stay silenced.

Her husband, Stephen Devereux says, “She’s my little songbird at home and on stage.”

Our living room is her stage too,” says Sophie. “Shes always singing a different song.”

“We play guitar, we sing, we dance, so I’ll get a lot of that stuff here,” says Lowe Devereux.

Before putting down the mic, Lowe Devereux will sing with ‘Crazy Delicious’ one last time.

Friends from Solon, Minnesota and beyond are coming for the performance.

“What better way to go out than to rock the town with everyone you know?” says her husband.

“I’m sure it's going to be very emotional for us, not looking foward to that part,” says Kovarik.

“It's going to be a tough show being my last show,” says Lowe Devereux. “I just want it to be awesome and have everyone have a great time.”

‘Crazy Delicious’ end the show with Bon Jovi’s ‘Livin’ on a Prayer.’

Lowe Devereux’s farewell concert will be at the ChromeHorse Saloon in Cedar Rapids on Saturday, October 15th at 9pm.

All the tips ‘Crazy Delicious’ earns will be donated to the Community Cancer Center Spirit Fund.

Lowe Devereux is happy to end her professional music career by giving back to a cancer charity because she started singing professionally the same way.

When Sophie was fighting leukemia, Lowe Devereux decided to sing for benefits to raise money for leukemia and lymphoma charities. She’s been singing ever since.

When Lowe Devereux is fully recovered from all her surgeries, she plans to advocate for better health records for adopted children.

She was adopted through a closed process and had to hire a private investigators in order to find a history of cancer in her biological family.

That was what led her to get genetic testing that found the BRCA mutation.

Lowe Devereux is hoping legislation can make it easier for adopted kids to learn more about their family's medical history.

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