Corridor shop on mission to help epilepsy sufferers

Corner Store Apothecary and More in Czech Village sells CBD oil products to those in need.

The Loefflers have grown tired of waiting for the state of Iowa to make a decision about the controversial medical marijuana laws.

Just one month ago, Patrick and Kymm opened a shop in Czech Village that sells cannabidiol, or CBD, oil to people in need.

The idea stemmed from Patrick's struggle with a disease. For years, he and the many doctors he went to, had no idea what was going on.

"I would be sitting in a meeting and I would, it was like I was passing out," Patrick said.

It wasn't until two years ago, when his worst case scenario happened and his diagnosis became clear.

"I had an accident where I actually ran into the police department's maintenance building here on first street, here in Cedar Rapids," Patrick said. "I had a seizure at the time."

He was diagnosed with intractable epilepsy.

After trying five different medications, only one thing seemed to work.

"I started cannabis oil," Patrick said. "I'm off two heart medications, two diabetes medications, I'm down 90 pounds."

"When people ask me about my husband's epilepsy, I tell them my husband's been blessed with epilepsy," Kymm said.

The blessing manifested itself in the form of Corner Store Apothecary and More on 16th Avenue in Czech Village.

The couple opened the store to educate people on the benefits of CBD oil.

"Point three (.3) percent THC, three tenths is what is legal and activates the CBD oil and that's legal in all 50 states," Kymm said.

They said it's not about the money, instead they plan to use the corner store location to give people a better quality of life and educate those who have questions.

"We're helping so many other people and that's really what we're about here is to help people who really need this medicine," Kymm said.

"It's about doing the right thing for people," Patrick said.

Customers can also choose from different natural and aromatherapy oils, salt lamps, gift cards and more.

Corner Store Apothecary and More is open Tuesday through Sunday.

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