Corridor kids hit the gym during Spring Break

Kosama gym hosts camp for kids during Spring Break

Every morning this week, Kosama in Cedar Rapids is hosting Kosama Kids camp for the week of Spring Break.

Each exercise session combines exercise with critical thinking into every work out.

Right now, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention says 1 in 5 school aged children are obese.

Kosama's owner said his main goal is to promote critical thinking among kids at the camp.

"We want to give a program to kids that not only get them active but also just help them think and make decisions on their own,' said Kosama owner Kyle Griffin."We don't help them with decisions we give them basic addition, multiplication, subtraction, division and just let them while their brains are tired and they're exhausted, try to think through it make the right decisions make the right choices."

Campers seem to like it. "You're learning and having fun at the same time and it's almost like you're not learning at all," said Kosama kid camper Isabella Griffin.

It is not too late to get your kids involved. You check their Facebook Page to learn more.

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