Cedar River Trail gets temporary post-flood detour

The new detour on Cedar River Trail opened late last week.

Nearly seven months since the September floods, a temporary detour and alternate bike path has been set up at the Cedar River Trail near Czech Village in Cedar Rapids.

The packed gravel trail runs along A Avenue between 16th and 22nd Avenues on the city's southwest side - through Sokol Park.

Russ Baldwin was riding the trail on Tuesday afternoon - and approves of the detour.

"It works for road bikes. I've rode it, so it's nice," he said. "Makes you feel safer. Makes pedestrian traffic happier."

The trail is a temporary step to a soon-to-be permanent solution, according to public works construction manager Justin Holland.

"The permanent flood protection actually will incorporate a new trail," he said Tuesday, "so it'll be an all-new trail - so eventually that trail goes away anyway."

That new trail should start being put in sometime this year.

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