Cedar Rapids preparing for significant flooding

Areas shaded in white and blue are at risk of flood waters early next week according to latest forecast from the National Weather Service. (courtesy

The City of Cedar Rapids held news conference at 2 p.m. on the threat of major flooding along the Cedar River.

Thursday, the National Weather Service upgraded the forecast crest for the Cedar River in Cedar Rapids to 24.1-feet early next week. If that were to happen, significant portions of the city, including much of the downtown district, Czech Village and NewBo, would be at risk for significant flooding.

Before 2008, the Cedar River in Cedar Rapids had never gone above 20-feet. Now, the river is forecast to easily top that level for the second time in less than a decade.

If the river reaches 24-feet, it would still fall 7-feet below the all-time record set on June 13, 2008. But it's still high enough to threaten traffic on downtown bridges, and inundate large portions of the city. Here's an interactive map to check how river inundation levels would change with different flood forecasts.

You can watch the entire news conference in the video above.

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