Cedar Rapids Library qualifies for prestigious award

Cedar Rapids Library qualifies for national award

For several days the Cedar Rapids Library has hinted about making a big announcement.

On Monday the library announced they are a top five finalist for the 2017 National Medal for Museum and Library Service.

The award is the highest honor given to museums and libraries for service in the community.

Cedar Rapids library officials and employees work hard to maintain a comfortable space and updated material for library visitors.

The library's president believes they were recognized based on how well they recovered after the floods of 2008.

"I think the fact of what we've done in these 10 years," said the President of Cedar Rapids Public Library Board of Trustees Harriet Kalinsky.

"To go form absolutely nothing to what we have today and so that's really special thing."

The winner will be announced in April. Until then, the library wants you to share your stories about what it means to you.

Library crews are working to set up a booth to record those stories.

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