Cedar Rapids installs History Happened Here Markers

New history markers at nearly 50 Cedar Rapids sites including the Mayor Huston Home on First Avenue NW. It allows history buffs and the curious to take their own walking tours

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (CBS2/FOX28) - History Happened Here markers are now in nearly 50 locations around Cedar Rapids to help people take their own walking tours and satisfy their history buff curiosity. Cedar Rapids Historian Mark Stoffer Hunter with the History Center says he's thrilled to finally have the signs in place to explain so many unique homes, buildings and people who have shaped Cedar Rapids from its beginning in 1838.

The markers now grace churches, historic homes and theaters which still exist as well as mark the former sites of roller rinks, factories and amusement parks. The signs include St. John the Baptist Greek Orthodox Church, the Mayor Huston Home, The World Theater, Marshall's Restaurant and the brick mansion care center which was actually named The Old Ladies Home.

The markers not only include a brief history, but have a scan code for smart phones which can provide even more information. For the complete map of the Cedar Rapids historic markers click here.

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