11 wanted suspects arrested in Linn County "Operation Clean Sweep"

Operation Clean Sweep in Linn County

At least 11 people are behind bars after a Linn County law enforcement sweep targeting those who are socially connected to violent crime, according to Marion police.

Using intelligence data, investigators said they were able to use social network analysis to find the most concentrated clusters of people and identify the central players for warrant checks.

During the two-day effort on Wednesday and Thursday called "Operation Clean Sweep," police said four teams were able to arrest wanted suspects and let their associates know violent crime will not be tolerated.

The teams also let those targeted know the community wanted them to be "safe, alive and out of prison" and directed them to social services or assistance organizations.

The Cedar Rapids Police Department, Marion Police Department, Linn County Sheriff's Office, Iowa Department of Public Safety, 6th Judicial District Probation and Parole and the U.S. Marshal's Service worked together on the operation.

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