Fight to end heroin abuse continues during town hall

Part two of The Eastern Iowa Heroin Initiative Town Hall touches on treatment options.

The heroin epidemic has hit Eastern Iowa and continues to devastate lives around us.

Linn, Johnson, Black Hawk and Dubuque Counties make up only 15 percent of the state, but they account for almost half of the Iowa's heroin lab submissions.

The Eastern Iowa Heroin Initiative drove the point home again on Tuesday night with a Town Hall follow-up to the one they hosted in February.

This time, the group talked about treatment options for those who need help.

Police said they responded to 61 calls of heroin-related overdoses in Cedar Rapids last year, and though those numbers are scary, there is help.

Many organizations, like the Area Substance Abuse Council, make it their mission to prevent relapses and help victims get back to living a healthy life.

"People need to know that it's impacted our community drastically," Cale Loewen, outpatient counselor, said.

"It's been a giant influx in heroin overdoses and the use, so for them to know our resources are there, for family members to know our resources are there, that they can seek help in their community is vital."

The next town hall will be in Black Hawk County.

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