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Well Protection Needed During Flooding

Updated: Friday, May 31 2013, 01:52 PM CDT

IOWA CITY (CBS 2/FOX 28) - Public health officials are warning rural residents about the potential for contamination of private wells during this week's flooding.

The Johnson County Public Health Department says owners of those wells need to take precautions, especially if a well head is in a low-lying area or close to flood waters.

They're suggesting owners protect the well heads by errecting sandbag barriers or earthen berms...and should be built 3-4 feet away from the well and surround the well.

The fear is that bacteria and other contaminants from the flood waters could pollute water being taken from the well.

And the agency says if the well becomes flooded, boiling won't help. While it might kill any bacteria in the water, it will also concentrate any pollutants such as heavy metals.

Well Protection Needed During Flooding

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