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Storm Damage in Traer and Urbana

Updated: Monday, June 30 2014, 11:38 PM CDT
TRAER, IA (CBS2/FOX28) – The damage across eastern Iowa is pretty widespread. In Traer, there are trees and branches down everywhere, road blocks are out to make sure people don’t go down storm-damaged streets. About 30 miles east in Urbana, residents are picking up the pieces as well.

“It formed right over our house and went right through there,” said Kathy Franz.

She’s seen this before

Two years ago, a storm came through her Urbana neighborhood, tearing the roof off her house.

You can see why she has a sense of déjà vu.

“Obviously tornadoes are not like lightning because they do strike twice,” said Franz.

The damage was widespread around her small neighborhood, with houses that have holes where walls should be.

With the damage comes some humor.

“Geez, every five years you get new carpet, new floors, new covers, what the heck?” asked Franz.

About 30 miles west, residents in Traer say a tornado made an appearance in their neighborhood.

Lillie Wicks is thankful she's OK despite the scene around her.

“Trees down, power lines down, my neighbor’s house hit our house,” said Wicks.

She has her four legged friend, Chloe, to thank for keeping her safe and sound. Lillie was walking her dog when the storm clouds began to gather.

“My dog just freaked out and decided to stand still,” said Wicks. “I decided it was time to go inside.”

As she rode out the storm downstairs, Lillie is thankful she wasn't alone.

“Like the sound of death coming for you,” said Wicks. “I thought the basement was just gone.”

Residents told CBS2/FOX28 that the power is out. Crews hope to have it restored to the area soon.

Storm Damage in Traer and Urbana

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