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Smulekoff's In Downtown CR Closing

Updated: Monday, August 18 2014, 06:00 PM CDT
(CBS2/FOX28) -- A landmark of downtown Cedar Rapids is preparing to
close its doors.  The City of Cedar Rapids says Smulekoff's will close
at the end of the year and transfer ownership of their building to the
   City officials would not say what would happen to the
business, but the downtown building is currently the local retailer's
only shopping location.
   CBS2 News spoke with Mayor Ron Corbett who
could only speak about the circumstances surrounding the deal.  Mayor
Corbett says the company had expressed interest about obtaining a flood
buyout for their building.  Corbett says developers could do just about
anything with the structure, but he indicated an interest in preserving
the existing structure and re-purposing it into some type of
commercial/residential center, citing the growing interest among some to
live in the downtown district.
   CBS2 News spoke with a spokeswoman
for Smulekoff's who said the company would not have any statement on
the matter until Tuesday.
   City officials say the transfer of ownership will take place on the last business day in December 2014.Smulekoff's In Downtown CR Closing

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