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Recipe Taking Girl To White House

Updated: Saturday, June 22 2013, 10:43 PM CDT

TIPTON (CBS 2 FOX 28)—Nine -year -old Corrine VanderGaast’s favorite thing to cook is her family's secret banana pancake recipe.

It's not unusual to find this fourth grader in the kitchen--working with fresh fruit and vegetables.

While breakfast is her specialty, it's her "stone curry" dinner recipe that's won her the invitation of a lifetime.

"She was so excited,” said Corrine’s mother Deborah. “We're going to the White House! We're going to the White House," she said, recalling her daughter’s reaction.

On July 9th, Corrine and her mother will represent Iowa at the second annual “Kids' State Dinner" with First Lady Michelle Obama.

A dream come true that still hasn't quite sunk in yet.

Corrine's winning recipe is a vegetable curry they made with her mom's daycare kids while acting out the story Stone Soup.

The recipe had to represent each of the food groups to qualify-- no problem for the budding chef.

"It has sweet potatoes, regular potatoes, chick peas, tomatoes,” Corrine said going over the recipe.

And now that she's got her recipe ‘down pat’, she's free to work on other things, like what she's going to say when she meets the First Lady.

While most cooks like to keep their recipes secret, Corrine is sharing hers to help other families eat healthy too.

The "stone curry" recipe on fox and


Recipe Taking Girl To White House

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