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Neighbors React to Murder Arrest

Updated: Friday, July 11 2014, 05:54 AM CDT

WATERLOO, IA (CBS2/FOX28) -- People in a small Waterloo
neighborhood are shocked after one of their neighbors was charged with first
degree murder Thursday. 


Shaun Hogan is charged for the murder of Crystal Gaffney,
the woman who was found dead on Linn-Buchanan Road Wednesday morning.


Kent Rohovit moved to his home on Edwards Street a few
years ago.

He says he didn't know Shaun Hogan that well, but he had
talked to Crystal Gaffney about her three daughters.


"I let her know that if there was ever anything I could
do to help, just say something," said Rohovit. 


That's why it hit him a little harder when he came home
yesterday to police cars up and down his normally quiet block.


"It keeps you on edge," said Rohovit. "Kinda
slept with one eye open last night."


Neighbors tell us they last saw Hogan at around 9:30 Wednesday morning outside
his mothers house, furiously scrubbing the outside of his van, the same one
they say investigators towed away later. Neighbors say Hogan had
been staying at the home with the daughter he and Gaffney had
together. They say Gaffney had recently moved out. Before then, folks here
say all three of Gaffney's children would  would play with some of the
neighborhood kids nearby.


"Everybody gets to know everybody," said one
neighbor. "Everybody hangs out. We have pool parties here sometimes."


Neighbors say Hogan was an immaculate house keeper who did
most of the cooking, but who also could have a temper.


He had only lived on this block about a month, but the past
day and a half still has most people here pretty shocked.


"A little bit," said Hogan's neighbor. "Never
know what's going to happen and where."


Court documents show that Hogan has a laundry list
of charges over a 20 year period, including a kidnapping charge in 2003. Most
recently, Hogan files for a protective order again his alleged victim Crystal
Neighbors React to Murder Arrest

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