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Missing Boy Found After 11 Days

Updated: Thursday, June 26 2014, 05:59 AM CDT
DETROIT, MI (CBS2/FOX28) - A boy who had been missing for eleven days has been found safe, but the bizarre conclusion has left some people scratching their heads.
Police in Detroit finally found 12-year-old Charlie Bouthuell in his father's basement, but they say they had searched there three times before - even using a cadaver dog.
On the fourth search they found the Charlie.
His father, Charles Bouthuell IIII was doing a show on Nancy Grace at the time and that's how he found out that his son had been found.
A lot of questions still remain, like where the boy was during the previous police searches.
They are still investigating and as of right now, Charlie’s father has not been charged. Missing Boy Found After 11 Days

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