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Manchester Businesses Flooding

Updated: Thursday, May 30 2013, 09:49 PM CDT
MANCHESTER (CBS 2/ FOX 28)-- The crackle of thunder and pouring rain down West Main street has turned the normally busy business district into a ghost town.
 “The water level hasn’t went down near as quick we thought it would,” said Dr. Mark Reetz who owns a chiropractic office on West Main Street.
Flooding as high as one foot has spilled into many of the businesses along this street, causing many to pack up and leave.
“We’re just taking all the precautions necessary, once we get everything out we’ll go ahead and start sandbagging,” Reetz said.
Reetz has nearly $80,000 worth of office supplies and medical equipment in the back room at his chiropractic office.
“Roller beds, all the furniture, girls have been moving files, off the lower shelves here so they don’t get wet either,” he said.
Even the Hardees next door—which didn’t get flooded—is ready to pack up if waters get too high.
“I’ve got a refrigerated truck coming to set in the back of the parking lot if we need to clean the food products and stuff out of the store,” said John Kelchen, district manager at Westar Foods.
It’s not the first time downtown businesses have had to make a quick escape.
“Three years ago, we had 18 inches of water in here,” said Reetz showing the inside of one of his exam rooms.
In 2010, flood waters ripped through the town, damaging all the businesses that have since rebuilt.
“These guys know what the drill is,” said Delaware County Emergency Management director Mike Ryan. “They know what to move. They know how far to set things up.”
The city has given out nearly 2,500 sandbags to businesses and residents and is asking for their patience.
Manchester Businesses Flooding

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