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Letter from James Foley Revealed

Updated: Monday, August 25 2014, 06:48 AM CDT
CONCORD, NH (CBS2/FOX28) - In New Hampshire, mourners gathered Sunday to remember slain American journalist, James Foley.
Foley grew up in New Hampshire and his parents still live there.
Foley went missing in 2012 while covering the civil war in Syria.
Last week, ISIS militants released a video showing his execution.
On Sunday Foley's parents released a heart-breaking letter that a fellow prisoner, memorized for them.
Daniel Ottosen was held with Foley for 13 months and finally released in June he says his first call when he got home was to Foley's mother where he dictated every word.
The letter talks about how Foley, living in captivity, got by, by remembering his family and friends back at home.
if you'd like to read the full letter, click here.
Meanwhile, some reports out of London say authorities have identified the terrorist who killed Foley - but, now they're saying, the execution might not have happened on camera.
The Telegraph says forensic analysis shows the execution may have been staged and that Foley was probably killed after the video was taken.
In the video the man dressed in black spoke with   a British accent.
Authorities in London say they think he is a 23-year-old rap artist - Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary who recently left England.
Investigators have been using voice recognition technology, as they try to identify the killer.
ISIS is now threatening to kill another American journalist if the United States continues its attacks in Iraq.
President Obama says he will not stop attacking and is working to free American hostages. Letter from James Foley Revealed

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