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Keeping Your Home and Bank Account Safe from the Storm

Updated: Thursday, May 30 2013, 06:14 PM CDT

MARION, IA (CBS 2/FOX 28) -- Storm protection doesn't just start when the weatherman calls for rain. It all starts when building the foundation of your home


"We go up underneath [the siding of the home] and create a moisture barrier up underneath the house that's going to seal that,” said Jeremy Smith, a General Contractor in the Marion area. “But still we want that to shed"


Any kind of work you do to your house has to be designed to keep water away, whether flood waters or just winter run-off


"People say 'I've got slots in my deck', you still want that to have some kind of a breaking point coming back or off level to speak of,” said Smith.


One weak spot is your lower level widows that usually lead into basements or lower level bathrooms.


"You have snow sitting [outside the window] and all this debris and it breaks away that seal,” said Smith. “So the idea is to dig this out and put in a well with a little bit of gravel."


When dirt is taken away from the window and a well is built, leaves and other debris can't build up and collect water and the water can't stay against the house and eventually make its way to the basement.


"There's not a deck there to prevent the water. It came into this crack and it would flood the basement from time to time. So we added an epoxy sealant,” explained Smith.


Then foam is injected into the crack to fill any spaces that the epoxy doesn’t get to. That foam seals as it expands in the space.


“It cures, hardens and seals that from the inside all the way out,” said Smith.


Measures to protect your home and bank account. Smith said the average homeowner can save much more money by spending a little more when he builds and renovates his home than when much more must be spend to repair a flooded home.

Keeping Your Home and Bank Account Safe from the Storm

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