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Iowa City Continues to Prepare for Possibility of Flooding

Updated: Wednesday, May 29 2013, 05:48 PM CDT

IOWA CITY, IA (CBS 2/FOX 28)--Iowa City crews are taking preventative measures into their own hands.

They’re working today to make sure residents and their homes are safe from the flood waters.

With flooding again a possibility Jon Ozeroff says he's a bit worried about potential damage to his home.

"I've rented a storage room and I'm consolidating all my papers, photographs, personal items,” he said.

Ozeroff lived in another home during the floods of ‘08 but moved across the street to higher ground to avoid another flooding.

Still it is right next to the Iowa River and that comes with some risk.

"We're obviously hoping that we don't go through the same thing again. We probably know how to react to it better,” Ozeroff said.

That's something the city of Iowa City is hoping for as well as they prepare for a possible flooding where they say things can go either way.

"We've moved the amusement rides out of lower city park because later today we'll probably lose access to that area,” said Rick Fosse, Iowa City public works director.

The city is also making sure residents are ready if there's indeed flooding in some areas by providing a limited number of pre-bagged sandbags to those who feel like they just might need it.

"We're also preparing for Dubuque Street to go at least partially under water tomorrow and ultimately perhaps completely underwater later in the day,” Fosse said.

Still some like Ozeroff can't help but hope

"That we can get through this without flooding and that there's enough capacity at the reservoir to tide us over until this cycle of storms is over,” he said, making for a difficult next couple of days.

Iowa City officials say they are also preparing information to distribute in neighborhoods they believe might be impacted by the floods.

Governor Branstad declared a disaster emergency proclamation today for eight counties, including Johnson.

Iowa City Continues to Prepare for Possibility of Flooding

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