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Hobby Lobby Birth Control Ruling

Updated: Monday, June 30 2014, 12:07 AM CDT
CORALVILLE, IA – (CBS2/FOX28)  Coralville’s Hobby Lobby is always closed on Sundays.  It means a certain loss of revenue, but it’s just one of the Green Family’s religious beliefs that guide the operation of their very successful chain of stores. 

On Monday the stakes will be even higher when The United States Supreme Court is expected to hand down its ruling on a landmark case. Hobby Lobby sued the government over a requirement that it provide contraceptives, at no cost, as part of employee healthcare benefits.
The Greens say that violates their religious beliefs and the high court will now interpret whether the retailer or the architects of ObamaCare are right. 

On a warm summer day on the Pedestrian Mall in Iowa City, Reporter Matt Hammill asked for your thoughts on the debate.  Caitlin says she believes in religious freedom and Hobby Lobby should have choices, just like employees and customers have the choice of  being in the store, “ People have the freedom to pick and choose where they want to work.  I’m looking for a job right now and if I was in that situation I would look for a job that had what I wanted and what I need for my life. “ 

But Steven, who works in the healthcare industry, says while he understands Hobby Lobby’s desire to follow personal beliefs, it’s not a sound business option, “ Just because I don’t agree with the idea of a company controlling somebody’s reproductive right .. based on religion and there are a lot of people who would probably agree. “
On our Facebook page there are indeed many viewers who say they feel that way, but opinions are sharply divided.  Responding to whether Hobby Lobby should be forced to pay for contraceptives for its employees, Brent writes, “No, buy your own.

But Gary posts, “ Be careful what you wish for.  The next thing they’ll ditch those with chronic illness. “  And Joshua writes that changes under a religious heading open up a huge Pandora’s box, “ What else can they object to?  Jesus didn’t have a dental plan and you shouldn’t either?”

Meantime, back in Iowa City, Nancy says the United States was founded on freedom of religion and a business like Hobby Lobby shouldn’t be forced to violate its beliefs and provide contraceptives as part of healthcare benefits, “ I think if that’s something we want to do we should have to provide it ourselves. I don’t expect them to provide anything for me. “

We always want to hear your thoughts. You can share your opinion on how the Supreme Court should rule, right now, our Facebook page.  You’ll find a link at the bottom of this page.     


Hobby Lobby Birth Control Ruling

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