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Cedar Rapids Residents Want City to Invest More in Flood Protection

Updated: Friday, May 31 2013, 09:55 PM CDT
(CBS2/FOX28) CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa – Tim Clark mows the lawn outside the National Czech and Slovak Museum and Library once week. On this day Tim has more than just landscaping on his mind, you see, he lives just a few blocks away and the Cedar River is rising.

“It’s kind of scary, it really is,” said Clark.

As Tim works, a conference is going on behind him inside the Museum where City leaders and flood experts are discussing what they’ve learned since the floods of 2008. 

“We are smarter,” said Cedar Rapids City Manager, Jeff Pomeranz. “We have more information and we have more data.”

And because so many damaged homes in 2008 were destroyed, there are now fewer to protect. But for those that witnessed the floods of 2008 that is only part of the equation. Some residents say they would like to see the City invest more in new flood mitigation systems, like levees.

Like it or not, for now it appears sand bags are the first line of defense against potential flooding. It’s a reality that has compelled dozens of Cedar Rapids residents this morning to pick up a shovel and start filling sand bags for their neighbors.  

“To keep your community strong you have to help others,” said Cedar Rapids resident, Sam Kacena.

CBS 2’s Josh Scheinblum reports. Cedar Rapids Residents Want City to Invest More in Flood Protection

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