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Bringing Technology to Iowa State Parks

Updated: Sunday, June 23 2013, 11:04 PM CDT

(CBS2/FOX28) – There are apps to help you do pretty much anything. Now, the
Official Iowa State Parks and Recreation Outdoors Guide app teaches users more
about Iowa’s state parks, its trails and attractions.

“This is actually
really cool,” said Cedar Rapids resident Ben Valentine as he thumbed through
the new app. “I wish I would have known about this.”

“Really do enjoy this
park you need to get off the roads. You need to get out on the trails,” said
State Park Ranger Jim Hansen. “They’re really unique, interesting trails to

The app does just that
by letting users search for places to go by activity, location or taking part
in challenges that combine the two.

An app like this helps
out the ranger staff because it allows campers to find new parts of the park on
their own, and explore them with limited help.

“This would be nice to
figure out what trails there actually are,” said Cedar Rapids resident Craig
Murtha. “Kind of open your horizon a little more.”

Hansen says ideally, he
would like to spend more time helping campers explore and learn about their
surroundings. But that doesn’t always work out.

“I love to do it when I
have the chance, but the reality of it is we just have very little time to
spend on those kinds of things,” said Hansen.

Where Hansen and his
staff leaves off, the app picks up. Doubling as a pocket-sized State Parks

Bringing Technology to Iowa State Parks

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