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CBS 2 Heroes: Red Cross Volunteer

Updated: Thursday, December 19 2013, 08:13 AM CST
  (KGAN) Retirement means different things to different people.
   Some learn a new hobby, others perfect an old one.
   This CBS 2 Hero took a different path, retirement for her means rescuing others in their hour of need.
    Linda  Sutherland is retired.  She's in a quilting club.  She likes to golf...
But here's what else this great grandmother does:
    She makes life bearable for those facing natural disasters as a volunteer for the red cross.   Her passion for helping others in crisis, born from the devastating floods of 08.
    "I believe on your station yo asked for help and i went over and had a 1/2 hour class,"Linda says.
   300 flood volunteer hours later, that was just the beginning.  She then  trained with the red cross to help with disasters wherever they may be.
   Traveling to Vermont to help with hurricane Irene, 
   And to Atlanta, Georgia  to search for survivors of deadly twisters.
   All the while she says grateful.  And humbled seeing the worst and the best, this country has to offer.
    "You knock on someone's home that's been blown away," she says, "they say 'don't stop here  the guys worse off than I am.  Go there.'"
    Linda Sutherland affecting the lives of strangers far away...From experience helping friends and neighbors at home.
   "I think I've been building my whole life toward this."CBS 2 Heroes: Red Cross Volunteer

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