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CBS 2 Heroes - Lou Isaac

Updated: Tuesday, February 11 2014, 09:56 PM CST
Before leaving for work January 14th, Susan Swetska walked down an icy driveway to bring up her trash cans.  That's the last thing she remembers before slipping and landing on her side.  With temperatures in the teens and wind chill below zero, she knew she was in trouble.  She says, "I got to thinking 'I wonder how long I'm going to lay here and wonder if I'll just get tired and go to sleep.'"
20 minutes later, Cedar Rapids plow driver Lou Isaac decided to clear her street.  That's when he noticed Sue laying on her side, motionless.
"I could tell she was cold because she was shivering," he says.  He got out of his truck, tried to move her but she was too injured.  She then remembers him giving her his coat and gloves.  The two waited together until the ambulance arrived, Lou sanding the driveway for paramedics. Once on her way to the hospital, Lou quietly got into his truck and got back to work.  Susan called the city to find out who her "knight" was that day.  Then, 16 days, two broken bones and one surgery later, Susan got her chance.  Lou stopped  over as our cameras rolled, for an official thank you.  "It made me feel so good that she was okay," he says.  As for Susan, she says "Lou is a hero.  Thank God you were out there."CBS 2 Heroes - Lou Isaac

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