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CBS 2 Heroes - Leland Freie

Updated: Thursday, December 19 2013, 08:40 AM CST
Leland Freie is the smile at the end of what can be a tough journey for local young people.  As the Day Manager at Foundation 2, Freie is the stability and reliability so many kids don't have at home.  He says, " Life isn't fair. Alot of kids ended up in situations they didn't have anything to do with.  They didn't have the normal upbringing that alot of people who come from successful homes, have."
Freie has been at Foundation 2 for decades, helping countless teens find new beginnings.   He smiles, "Sometimes, I like to think that we're a stepping stone for kids on a path to hopefully having a meaningful life."
Leland is an honoree at this year's Freedom Festival Tribute to Heroes, held this Thursday at 6:00 at the Hotel at Kirkwood Center.  For more information, go to www.freedomfestival.comCBS 2 Heroes - Leland Freie

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