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CBS 2 Heroes: Comfort Makers

Updated: Thursday, December 19 2013, 08:19 AM CST

There's a saying in the quilting world:  blankets wrap you in warmth, quilts wrap you in love.

These women understand that…because they've seen it.  They're known as the Comfort Makers.  Last year they made 570 quilts for those who needed a little extra love.

"That's been one of the joys.  When we hear about someone who has wrapped the quilt around themselves and said 'this is mine, now.  And this is something someone made for me.'"

Twice a month, as many as 25 Comfort Makers come to the basement at First Lutheran Church in Cedar Rapids. 

Joan Rust is one of them. "My husband checks my calendar before he makes appointments to see that is isn't going to interfere with one of my Comfort Maker days."

For six hours at a time, these women cut, stitch and fold project after project.  On this day alone, they completed as many as 15 quilts.  Stopping only for lunch, which, by the way, is legendary.  Each of these ladies bringing a homemade dish to share.   

"The staff has decided that this is the place to go at lunchtime."

The quilts, though, are just one of the projects of the Comfort Makers.  They believe TLC comes in all shapes and sizes.  And sometimes, in less glamourous packages.

They make dozens of lap blankets, walker bags and clothing protectors for residents of care facilities, like the Winslow House in Marion.

Administrator Lisa Elwick  says to buy these items is often too costly for her residents.  But the love and care in every stitch of the Comfort Makers projects, is priceless. 

"We are so grateful we've had this opportunity to fill a niche that no one else has been able to fill."

The Comfortmakers.    Wrapping warmth and love around those who need it.

"I would absolutely consider them heroes.  There are very few volunteers these days and it's still great to know that people will do that for our elderly population."

CBS 2 Heroes: Comfort Makers

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