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CBS 2 Heroes

CBS 2 Heroes

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CBS 2 Hero: Edu Skate's Nate Sherwood

Updated: Thursday, December 19 2013, 08:20 AM CST

To skateboarders, pro Nate Sherwood is a hero.  They've watched and studied his moves, looking up to him as a performer.
But now retired, and the owner of Eduskate, of a skateboard shop in Cedar Rapids, they look up to him for other reasons.  He's become a role model for 13-year old's like Cameron.  Someone stole Cameron's new skateboard, one purchased recently in Nate's shop, and Nate upped the reward to get it back.  That gesture meant the world to Cameron's mom, Emelie.

"I'm a single mom, so my son doesn't have alot of great male role models.  To see someone new in the community who does that because he genuinely cares about the kids is, really, I think it means alot to a child that doesn't have a father figure.  It's amazing."

According to Nate, it's not heroics, just the right thing to do.

"I can show people that, you know, look, you can be cool na dnot addicted to stupid stuff, and skateboarding is awesome, I've succeeded.  Even if it affects one person."

Nate Sherwood.  A hero on and now, perhaps more importantly, off the skateboard.

CBS 2 Hero: Edu Skate's Nate Sherwood

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