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Connects Against Crime

Connects Against Crime

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Marion Police Department Cracking Down on Crime to Maintain Low Record

Updated: Friday, May 10 2013, 10:23 AM CDT
MARION, IA ( KGAN) -- Marion Police Officers are known to have a zero tolerance approach to crime. There's a computer inside of each Marion Police car and they say it's a great tool for officers patrolling the street. Officers say the technology makes them pro-active in making stops and it's one way they stay ahead of crime.

"By us being pro-active officers the criminals know that if they come to Marion they are probably going to get stopped," says Sgt. Phil Fort.

Marion Police Chief Harry Daugherty calls it the "broken window" philosophy.

"Here in Marion, I instill into the guys that we hold people accountable for the little things," says Chief Daugherty.  

To Marion Police the philosophy is simple and they look at it the same as if there was a crack in a window. The Chief says they immediately fix the crack than waiting for a bigger hole.

"If we take care of the problems when we first notice them it will be better than just letting them go," says Sgt. Fort.

The department says it's not a scare tactic but a message that no crime and no offense gets overlooked. Marion Police Department Cracking Down on Crime to Maintain Low Record

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