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Connects Against Crime

Connects Against Crime

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Law Enforcement from 2 Counties Work Together in Janesville

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 11:04 PM CDT
JANESVILLE, IA (CBS 2/FOX 28) -- The city of Janesville - an all American town of 900 that sits in Bremer county.

Or is it Black Hawk county?

Actually, sheriffs' Dan Pickett and Tony Thompson say it's both.

"Part of Janesville is in Black Hawk county and part of it, most of it, is in Bremer county," Thompson said.

Seventh street in Janesville is all that separates Black Hawk from Bremer, so getting between the two is as simple as crossing the street. Thompson says it takes a very special relationship with sheriff Pickett and his department to make things work.

"Whatever's mine is his, whatever's his is mine...we've got that kind of relationship," Thompson said.

At a town hall Thursday night, that relationship was strengthened, as both men addressed shared issues with about 2 dozen Janesville residents.

Residents like Esther and Woody Woodyard.

"We like to know what's going on in the community," Mrs. Woodyard said.

With issues ranging from road safety to water safety, she says the feedback is crucial.

"Well I think its important, it gets things accomplished."

With the city being in such a unique position, it requires a careful sharing of resources to address the issues.

"A lot of our bad guys bleed into Bremer county, some of their bad guys bleed into Black Hawk county, so we share information and work really well together," Thompson said.

Its come in handy in recent cases, including when missing cousins Elizabeth and lyric were found in Bremer county.

"We do work together in different situations - accidents, to the girls that were found over in the park, to the bank robberies," Pickett said.

Both men say the town hall meetings and their unique partnership is needed to fight back against a fast moving criminal world.

"We need to be more global in our approach and this is a good opportunity to demonstrate that partnership," Thompson said. Law Enforcement from 2 Counties Work Together in Janesville

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