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Connects Against Crime: Security Guard Attacked

Updated: Thursday, September 26 2013, 11:53 PM CDT
CEDAR RAPIDS, IA (CBS 2/FOX 28) -- 23 year old David Ransford has gained a new perspective.

“I try to take every day as it comes at me, some days are better than others,” Ransford said.

He is confined to his hospital bed on the 6th Floor of St. Luke's Hospital, surrounded by get well cards from strangers who heard his story through Facebook.

“I don't think it does any good to have a bad attitude or be mopey.”

It wasn't always this way for Ransford. As recently as April, he was a security guard at Lindale Mall.

He was keeping an eye on the parking lot late one spring night, walking mall workers out to their cars, when he heard a noise.

“Kept hearing footsteps, so I pulled my flashlight in and did a quick survey of the area,” Ransford said.

Soon Ransford's face met the fist of an unknown attacker. Then another aimed for his back. After a struggle, Ransford was able to fight them off.

“I brought my right arm down on him, and connected with his face.”

However the damage was done and within a month, Ransford wasn't able to work. A few weeks later, he wasn't able to walk - because of his back injury. He was paralyzed from the waist down.

“I woke up and it was just nothing...I couldn’t feel my legs at all.”

The vicious attack sheds light on issues at the mall. Officer Glenn Kieler says there have been about 400 calls for service since January.

“Probably right around 40 disturbances, domestic disturbances, fights,” Kieler said.

He says the Cedar Rapids Police Department is using extra patrol and training to squash out issues coming from teens and even gangs.

“Do we have a gang presence? Yes there is.” Ransford said. “If we get a finger on the pulse right away, we can squash the problems.”

Ransford is hoping things improve at the mall, hoping to see that change one day while standing on both feet.

“I will do it, I don't know how yet, but I'm going to do it.”

Ransford said there was no police report filed on the incident because the security company at the mall decided to handle the matter internally.Connects Against Crime: Security Guard Attacked

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