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Connects Against Crime: Iowa City Police Set Record Straight on Crosswalk Confusion

Updated: Friday, May 10 2013, 10:23 AM CDT

IOWA CITY, IA (CBS2/FOX28) -- It's the middle of the day near the Iowa campus. A very busy Wednesday afternoon, there's lots of foot traffic and lots of cars on the road to match.

"It gets kind of crazy down here," says Macy Beard.

Iowa City Police say they are often flooded with calls because either cars aren't stopping for pedestrians or pedestrians aren't obeying the signals and not just these but the less obvious crosswalks like this one too.
"We have a least one pedestrian related serious, serious accident per year, at least," says Jorey Bailey.

Throughout the afternoon we saw cars not yeilding for the pedestrians and vice versa, the pedestrian sometimes ignoring the blinking signs to stop altogether. 

"Sometimes the lights can be a little long for the pedestrians when you're trying walk and get to class," Beard said.

Iowa City Police want to send a message, officers are watching for people who don't obey the traffic rules.
If you get caught walking when you're not suppose to, it's an 80 dollar ticket.
The fine for drivers who fail to yield could mean you pay 107 dollars. 

"You know it's for your own safety, it's trying to prevent anything from happening," says Reid Simmer.

Police say the signs are here to keep everyone safe but all it really takes is some common sense.

Connects Against Crime: Iowa City Police Set Record Straight on Crosswalk Confusion

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